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I actually like a couple of these, and I can see some of you liking specific ones as well. 

Words of a Beast

And in my Twisted FaceThere’s not the Slightest Trace Of anything that even Hints of Kindness And from my Tortured Shape No Comfort, No Escape I see, But deep within is Utter Blindness

Life of a Monster

He lives a secret side of life. Under lock and key. Away from everyone.

He Hides deep behind the shadows. The ugly beast haunting inside. Waiting for someone to save him

The war rages deep beneath his skin. The beast has his heart and soul. Caged him from the world

He knows what he has become. There is no way of denying it. He is what he is

He is Nothing but A Monster

In this darkness looking back on his life. He has never been like the others. An outcast from society

He just wanted to be part of this world. Again and again hiding from what he was. Feeding the beast inside

All he can remember are the scars. There is no more pretending. He isn’t just a man anymore

He is nothing But A monster

All he has ever wanted was to escape himself. Understanding the beauty of the beast. He can feel it deep inside

He sees everything that he has loss. These scratches on his heart. Bleeding from within

He gives up on everyone around him. Walking into the dark. Embracing what he is

He is nothing but A Monster

He sees the world through darker eyes. He can feel the scars heal. The beast has saved him

He has awaken to what is real. The beauty that pain hides. The beast doesn’t lie

He knows them for what they really are. He loves what he has become. Something else completely

He is nothing but a monster

He can feel the rage inside is heart. No more hiding in the dark. It brings him back to life

He found the place to exist. A place where he is never alone. Always living on the edge

Awake now to what is real in life. He is finally alive. A new beginning

He is nothing but a monster

He notices her in the dark. Looking deep into her dying eyes. The pain that she hides

He remembers the way the beast looks. She fights the fight he fault. The beast takes more forms

He watches as she moves through the crowd. Dancing her fears away. The beast falls for her

She is nothing but a monster

He wants to touch her taste her love her. He gives himself to her. She feels the beast inside

He shows her the world she needs to see. Releasing her from her chains. She loves the beast inside

Hand in hand they walk into the night. Embraced in each others arms. They love the pleasures that pain hides

They are nothing but monsters

They are passionate for one another. They breath into each others dreams. The beasts love is true

Awake and alive they are what was needed. Soothing the beast inside. They live free from lies

They were blinded by the soothing light. They didn’t see the shadows grow. They are what they are

They are nothing but monsters

They can feel the poisons grace. Haunting their loving dream. The stink of society

The world wont live with their kind. Torches fire ignite the darkness. Their love will not burn

They feel the chains of the world surround them. A nightmare fueled by fear. Cursed by what they have become

They are nothing but monsters

She was taken from him. A lover, a mother, a monster. The beasts heart was broken

He was thrown from the edge. A man, a father, a monster. The beast has fallen

Their love lives beyond. In their childs eyes. The beast hides




Ooooh. This is DELIGHTFUL. 

For my sith

For my sith


What a pretty color.



What a pretty color.



are you fucking kidding me

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